The Benefits of Proper Roof Ventilation

A hot attic is not only uncomfortable to be in – it is also dangerous for the items stored in that attic as well as to the roofing structure that is part of the shell of that attic. An overheated attic is a result of an overheated roof and an overheated roof is likely to get damaged prematurely, becoming weak before time. The problem is easy to solve – a suitable vent installed by a respected Houston roofing contractor at the bottom of the roof and another installed right under the ridge is all it takes.

Houston roofing contractor - roof ventilation

Here are the benefits of proper roof ventilation:

  • Less energy needed to cool your home – proper attic ventilation reduces the amount of heat trapped underneath the roof, which means that it also reduces the risk of excessive heat seeping into your home. Consequently, a cooler attic translates into a cooler home and less money spent on cooling bills;
  • Prolonged roof life – heat is an enemy of any type of roofing and of any roofing material. Proper ventilation considerably reduces the temperature of the roof, preventing any damage caused by overheating, such as leaks;
  • No condensation – the droplets of water that appear when rising warm air meets a cool surface are very harmful for the wooden components in attics, but condensation is easy to prevent with proper attic ventilation.


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