8 Things You Need to Ask When Selecting a Roofer

Here are 8 important questions to ask before selecting a roofing contractor. State Roofing Company is a Licensed & Certified Roofing Contractor with offices in Houston and College Station, Texas.

  1. Does your contractor have a place of business?
    Make sure he/she does not work out of their car/garage/apartment/house. Here Today. Gone Tomorrow.
  2. Does your contractor have credit with material suppliers?
    Contractors that don’t have credit with material suppliers tend to move from storm to storm rather than establishing a business in one location. These contractors are less likely to offer you a workmanship warranty on your roof and if they do, they might not be around within a few years if a warranty problem comes up.
  3. Does your contractor ask for money upfront to purchase materials?
    You should NEVER pay money up front to a contractor before any work has been performed. You are not protected in any way from the contractor taking your money and moving on to the next town.
  4. Is your contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau?
    Reputable contractors will be long standing members of the BBB. Check our BBB Rating.
  5. Is your roofing contractor licensed with the State Association?
    RCAT Seal
    The State Association for the state of Texas is the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). State Roofing Company is a long-standing member of RCAT and John Giffin, Director of State Roofing Company, is a Past President and is on the Board of Directors. State Roofing Company is licensed through the RCAT Licensing Program for both Residential and Commercial Roofing. Our license number is #03-0169.
  6. Does your contractor give you a choice of shingle brand?
    A contractor should inform you of the various brands available in your area and give their recommendations for your home. State Roofing Company is a GAF Master Elite Contractor and an Owens Corning “Top of the House” Certified Contractor. See our awards and certificates page for all of State Roofing Company’s Certifications.
  7. Does your contractor have general liability and workers compensation insurance?
    Always make sure that your contractor has current general liability and workers compensation insurance in case of an accident occurring at your home. You can request a copy of the insurance certificate to make sure it is in good standing.
  8. Does your contractor have a roofing crew leader and superintendent to oversee your roofing installation?
    State Roofing Company has a crew leader on all jobs that inspects the work as it is being performed. Each job is also checked by a superintendent or inspector multiple times a day.

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