SquirrelGard® Installation

Did you know that squirrels can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home? We use Squirrelgard® to repair and protect lead jack flashing. SquirrelGard is a protective device for a plumbing vent stack with a lead jack flashing. The lead jack flashing is a weatherproofing cover formed substantially of a lead material permanently secured over the plumbing vent stack. 

SquirrelGard completely covers the exposed surface of the lead jack flashing to prevent chewing, teeth sharpening/filing, and damage to the waterproofing qualities of the lead jack by squirrels.

State Roofing Company is a proud installer of the revolutionary new patent-pending SquirrelGard. SquirrelGard was designed to slide over a lead pipe flashing that has been damaged by squirrels, providing for a water-proof solution without replacing the lead flashing and violating the surrounding shingles.

State Roofing recommends to its clients when installing a new roofing system with lead jack flashings, that they install SquirrelGard from the start to protect their new lead flashings.

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