Roof Flashing – What Is It and Why It Should Be Installed

Roof flashing is a thin piece of strong, durable material installed wherever the contiguity of your roof is broken, such as where two roof slopes meet to form a valley, where your roof meets a wall or around openings, such as skylights and chimneys. The role of the flashing is to prevent the penetration of water in such weakened areas and the prevention of leaks and other types of roofing damage. Here are a few things to know about roof flashing:

  • Flashing material options – flashing is most commonly made from metal, aluminium, copper, lead and galvanized steel being the most common options. Modern technology, however, has come up with lot of flexible flashing materials as well, rubberized asphalt, mylar and acrylic being some of the more common solutions;
  • Installation methods – the flashing being such an important component of your roof, proper installation is essential, so the best way to ensure that your flashing stripes will provide the amount of protection that you expect is by turning to a one of the best professional roofing Houston TX companies around. Installation methods vary depending on the material of the stripes – some materials are installed with special glue, while others are welded or fixed using other methods and special tools.

roof flashing - roofing Houston TX

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