How to Protect Your Home from Storm Damage

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Devastating storms have become increasingly frequent in recent years, requiring homeowners to pay more attention to strengthening and maintaining their entire property. Here are some tips how you can help your home stand up to the next storm:

  • The importance of inspection and maintenance – you need to perform regular, detailed inspections of your entire building envelope, including your walls, your siding, and the doors and the windows. Have leading Houston roofing company inspection specialists check out your roof and the gutters. Fix any damage in time to make sure that your building is as strong as can be when the next storm hits. You need to do the same with your fence and your deck, too – these components are often neglected, don’t make the mistake of disregarding them;
  • Pay attention to your landscape, too – the strong winds associated with storms can cause damage to your landscape, too. If you have large trees around your home, inspect them and cut off any limb or branch that looks ill or weak – one of the major causes of property damage is broken tree limbs smashed into buildings by the wind;
  • Use strong, storm-resistant shutters and make sure that your entry door is strong enough;
  • Have a plan – not losing your head when a storm approaches is essential for minimizing the harm. When a storm is announced, try to move everything that is movable on your landscape to safety.
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