Home Insulation Basics

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Home insulation comes in many forms, from blocks, sheets and piles and there are also many different materials available. Here are a few things that you should know about insulation before you start looking for the optimal solution for your home:

  • The role of insulation – insulation plays the role of preventing the exchange of energy between your building interior and the world outside, improving your building’s energy-efficiency and reducing the energy costs of heating and cooling your home;
  • Types of insulation – the most common types of insulation are fiberglass and rockwool available in the form of blankets; cellulose and fiberglass in the form of blown-in material; spray foam and foam board. The material that works best for you depends on the part of your home where you want to install the installation (the walls, the floor in your rooms and in your basement or your attic floor);
  • Deciding about the right R-value – the R-value is the parameter that you should check before buying any type of insulation. The R in the term stands for resistance and it denotes the insulation material’s ability to keep heat on the side of the wall or floor where you want it to be. The higher the R-value of the materials available to you, the better.

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