Why Roofs Don’t Last Forever

Even if we choose weather-resistant roofs and durable roofs in general, it is good to know that, over time, even they will wear out. Nothing lasts forever, it is just that the wear will install sooner or later, depending on the quality and durability of the chosen roof.

State Roofing

According to experienced roofers at Sate Roofing – https://www.stateroofingtexas.com/ -, among the factors that amplify the wear process and whose effects you need to constantly monitor are the following:

  • Heat and UV rays. These are among the most important factors that cause the wear and tear of a roof.
  • Water can penetrate under the roof for different reasons and cause the entire roof structure to rot. In addition, extra moisture can affect other components of the home such as ceilings, insulation, walls etc.
  • Strong wind. Wind can raise the edges of the roof cover and, in some extreme situation, it may even blow away the entire roof.
  • Snow can destroy the structure of a roof and deteriorate gutters and downspouts. Melted and re-frozen snow can also form ice dams in some areas of the roof. This will prevent proper water drainage which may penetrate under the cover.
  • Condensation can lead to degradation of the roof and its structure. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you attenuate the effects of condensation through proper ventilation.



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