Should I Get A Tile Roof on My Residential Home?

Tile roofs are among the most traditional solutions used on residential buildings – people have been using terracotta tiles to give them shelter from the elements for thousands of years. Modern tiles come not only in versions made from clay – concrete tiles are great alternatives that offer the same benefits as clay, but they cost much less.

roofing companies in College Station install roofing tiles

If you are currently considering to use clay or cement tiles on your new roof, here are some of the aspects and benefits that credible roofing companies in College Station want you should know about:

  • Weight issues – both materials are very heavy, so the first thing that you should check before investing into your tiles is to check whether your building can hold up such a heavy roof;
  • Energy efficiency – both materials are great natural insulators, preventing your building from heating up even during the hottest summers and preventing heated air from slipping out in winter;
  • A wide range of styles and colors – clay and cement tiles come not only in classic styles and colors, such as shades of red and brown. Unusual shapes, glossy textures and striking colors, such as black, blue or green are also available, allowing you to choose the design that best matches your building style.


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