When Is It the Right Time to Install a New Roof in Hot Weather?

Considering the right time to install a roof in warmer climates, it’s important to be very careful and avoid temperatures that could cause the most damage to your roofing materials. A locally known roofer in College Station recommends that the following tips be kept in mind when you think of replacing your roof in warmer weather or trying to choose a different time of the year:

  • How warm is it? Is there a chance that the heat can last a long time or that, even though it’s not so warm yet, a heat wave might arrive suddenly? If the answer is yes, you might want to choose a different time, as the thermal expansion and contraction of the materials your roofer will use will probably cause a lot of problems during the installation process.
  • Do you live in an area where sudden temperature drops and precipitation might be frequent? If that’s the case, it’s best to learn more about your climate and choose a time when the weather is somewhat more stable, yet still not as hot as in June or July. The month of April or May might be a good choice in such cases, depending on how hot it can get.
  • If the weather is overly hot, and you can’t wait too long to have your new roof installed, watch for a time when the weather forecasts show cloudy weather on the horizon but with less of a chance of precipitation. It’s better to risk a few drops of rain than to risk installing your roof in the scorching heat of summer.
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