How Do You Protect Your Roof from a Constantly Warm Climate?

Protecting your roof from extreme heat can take a variety of different forms, depending on what its strong and weak points might be. In the case of a more expensive roofing material like slate roofing, you will usually only have to get the roof a makeover, painting it in a lighter color to reflect the rays of the sun and avoid getting hot. However, when the roof you have is less dependable and more fragile, you will need to take additional measures too.

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For metal roofing systems, UV-resistant coating and a more reflective paint color will help a lot. Metal roofing Houston contractors recommend that you schedule more frequent roof inspections to check on the interior structure of the roof and prevent ventilation and insulation issues from affecting your metal roof. Such measures are, of course, important with all types of roofing systems, but with metal being more prone to thermal expansion, it can cause damage to your roof to have the metal parts exposed to a strong source of added heat coming from inside the house.

UV-resistant coating seems to be the best choice to protect flat commercial roofing systems as well. EPDM and TPO, as well as other membrane roofing systems such as modified bitumen, will all need added protection, although choosing a re-roofing solution to switch for example form bitumen to EPDM can also improve your chances at protecting your roof and building from the heat, since EPDM is one of the best choices for installing a flat roof in hot weather.

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