When Can You Avoid Replacing Your Roof and Make Do with Simple Repairs?

Despite what some roofers might tell you, it’s not always necessary to replace your roof entirely. Sometimes you can make do with simple repairs and avoid a roof replacement, as long as the roofer you hire is good enough, and they can find a way to fix your roof so that the repair will last for a viable amount of time.

Some such situations should include:

  • Your roof being still relatively new and built according to industry standards;
  • An older roof made from durable materials that only needs a few upgrades, such as new flashing or coating;
  • Broken or missing shingles that can still be replaced without a problem;
  • A situation where the roof can be fixed with extensive repair work or a partial replacement;
  • Mild water and hail damage;
  • Fire damage that hasn’t affected more than 20-30% of the roof.

roofing contractors in Houston TX offer roof repair services

Credible roofing contractors in Houston TX confirm that these situations can typically be dealt with through simple repairs, and won’t need a complete roof replacement, especially if the roof is still known to be relatively new. On the other hand, if it’s too old, too damaged or rotted, or the damage to the internal structure of the roof is extensive, then a roof replacement job will be necessary.

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