What Types of Roofing Guarantees Can You Expect from a Dependable Roofer?

State Roofing Company experts typically recommend that all building or homeowners who are planning to get a new roof look at the warranty offer of the roofing company they plan to hire. If you don’t want to have your hands tied once your roof starts leaking or once it’s damaged as a result of a poorly handled roofing job, then you should definitely consider the details of your roofing warranty.

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There are two types of roofing warranties, and the consequences associated with both of them have to be considered in detail. These are labor and material warranties.

For labor warranties it’s important to realize that they are typically only available for a shorter period of time. After a few years, they will be void and any damage resulting from bad roofing practices will be ignored, so you’ll have to pay for them out of your own pocket.

For the warranty that comes with the material you install, it’s important to note that it will typically last for at least 15-20 years or so, depending on the material. Some roofing materials, like slate and steel, might even have warranties of 50+ years.

Be aware of the fact that a longer warranty isn’t without its risk – in fact, it will come with a lot more conditions than one that’s only available for 10-20 years. When you get a warranty of more than 20 years, make sure to look at the terms and coverage in detail, and ask State Roofing contractor to explain what might happen in specific cases – such as, for example, if a structural flaw in the roofing design is discovered more than 10 years after the roof was installed.

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