It Will Hail This Year. How to Know When to Get an Inspection

With frequent hailstorms in the forecast, roof inspections and hail damage prevention methods are becoming increasingly important throughout the country. As hail damage cannot be spotted from the ground and it often takes the form of small dents, missing granules and hairline cracks in the roof, hiring a professional roofing inspector to perform the inspection is essential. Here is when you need a roof inspection handled by an expert:

roofing companies in Houston inspect and repair roofs

  • In spring, before the first hail – most insurance companies make it the homeowner’s duty to maintain the roof in proper condition and strong roofs can withstand hail more successfully, so it is a good idea to get a roofer from highly recommended roofing companies in Houston to check your roof and repair the issues detected when the winter snow is gone, before the first hailstones hit your property;
  • Right after the hailstorm – even small hailstones can cause damage on your roof and insurance claims can be filed only for a specific amount of time after the event that has caused the damage, so get a roofer to inspect your roof right after the hailstorm. Your roofer will document the damage for you and they can also help you compile and submit your insurance claim file as well.


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