Why Texas Gets More Hail Than Most States

Texas is a special state from many points of view – its sunny climate, its friendly residents and its wonderful, lively atmosphere surely make the Lone Star State one of a kind. Unfortunately, Texas is in the top of many other rankings as well, being the state that gets more tornadoes and more hailstorms than most, if not all other states. The geographical location of the state, right in the middle of Tornado Alley and at the intersection of multiple climate zones account for the state’s capricious and often severe weather as well as for the over 130 severe storms that state experiences each year.

Houston roofing company inspects roofs

The special climate calls for special home protection measures. Texas homeowners should take more care of their roofs than homeowners in other regions that get mild, stable, predictable weather. As strong, healthy roofs can withstand harsh weather much more easily than shabby, weak roofs, regular inspections, maintenance and the repair of any issue, even of minor ones, right after they are detected are the most important tasks. Local homeowners should rely on an expert Houston roofing company, like State Roofing, to check their roofs not only in spring and fall, but after each storm or extreme weather event and they should address the issues detected in a timely manner to prevent having a vulnerable roof when the next storm hits.

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