Don’t Blow Away! The Importance of Starter Strip Shingles

With Hurricane Isaac making landfall State Roofing Company wants to remind homeowners that not all roofing systems are equal!  State Roofing Company only utilizes the finest materials and trained experienced installers to provide a premium roofing system that should give you years of service.

State Roofing Company uses genuine starter strip shingles on all perimeters with every composition shingle roofing system installed. Starter Strip Shingles adhere to the composition shingles to secure them for the decking.

The best manufacturers, namely GAF and Owens Corning, offer a wind-protection warranty for winds up to 130 mph – that’s anything less than a Category 3 hurricane!

Whenever you need your roof replaced be sure to contact State Roofing Company so you will feel comfortable about your roof in hurricane-force winds.

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