Beware the Roof Price that Seems to Good to Be True!

With all the hail and wind that has hit the SE Texas area, many people are filing insurance claims and getting new roofs. But when it comes time to select a contractor, money should not be the only factor homeowners should consider.

Here are a few things to ask your contractor:

How long have you been in business?
Going with a company that has been around for a while, it will most likely be around for years to come. They will be able to give you a workmanship warranty that you can rely on.

Where is your office located?
Beware of storm chasers working out of their trucks! Though they may have a cheap price, they will be gone as soon as the next storm hits. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Can I request a copy of your General Liability Insurance?
Always make sure that your roofing contractor carries general liability insurance. Do your research! Make sure that it is valid.

What type of warranty will I receive if I go with your company?
If the contractor is not offering any type of workmanship warranty, you will likely have to pay again to get anything fixed. If you use a storm chaser that has left town, you will have to hire another company to fix what they didn’t.

Always do your research when selecting a roofing contractor!

Going with an established and reputable contractor will always save you money in the long run!

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