2020 Roofing Trends

2020 roofing Houston TX trends

Trends are as important in roofing design as they are in interior design and landscaping – here are the hottest and latest roofing Houston TX trends that will dominate 2020:

  • Asphalt shingles for all roof pitches – while shingles have been common and popular on pitched roofs, the material will be extensively used for low-sloping roofs as well. New varieties will be introduced and 2020 will bring shingles in new colors and textures as well;
  • Metal roofs – another material that has been around for a while and will go through a revival in 2020;
  • Lighter colors – pastel colors will move from the walls to the roofs as well. Powder pink, light blue and off-white being increasingly popular, especially in hot climate areas, where buildings can benefit from the enhanced reflectivity of the roofing surface;
  • Green roofs – the roofs covered in vegetation are very trendy and appreciated not only for their special, attractive appearance, but also for the energy-efficiency they offer. Green roofs work great in hot areas, where they offer their owners the benefit of improved air quality inside the house as well as in the yard;
  • Solar roofs – the roofs covered completely or partially in solar panels are also very popular and efficient ways to reduce the building’s energy needs.
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