When Do You Know it’s Time to have Your Roof Replaced?

Each roof system has a certain life span, depending on its resistance structure, the materials it is made from and the regular maintenance. Before a roof naturally reaches the end of its life span, you must know when you should replace it without experiencing a roof failure (which happens if you postpone the replacement for too long).

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Keep your eyes on the signs indicating that you can start making a replacement plan:

A large portion of the roof is in bad shape

If only a few shingles are damaged or missing, you can replace them easily. However, if a bigger portion of the roof is damaged and shingle tabs are cupped, you can be sure that the roof repairs are not efficient anymore.

The roof is old

An average asphalt roof will last about 20 years; a metal roof will last 50 years.  Either way, when the life of your roof is close to the end, you must start saving for a new one.

The roof looks worn out

This happens mostly because owners fail to do regular maintenance.  Experienced roofing companies in College Station confirm that annual inspection and maintenance is crucial to keep your roof in good shape and identify vulnerabilities before they turn into costly problems.  The bad shape of a roof often reflects in it worn out aspect.

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