What Tropical Storms Do to Your Roof

The roof helps to keep the home safe from wind, rain, hail and other types of inclement weather. Many roofs, however, are not rated to outlast intense tropical storms or even hurricanes. A hurricane or tropical storm can still cause a good deal of damage, even with roofs that are rated to withstand high winds. If the wind uplift is strong enough, the pressure may be enough to cause the roof materials to break apart. Shingles can be torn or lost, and the hail could have caused bruises and dents in the structure. Flashing can be stripped away along with gutters and other key elements of the house. At State Roofing, we know what roof damage looks like, and we know what causes it—extreme weather being the main culprit.  Hurricane season is among us, if your roof takes a beating from wind, hail or weather of any kind, contact us for a free inspection.

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