Tips to Avoiding Roofing Scams

use reputable roofing contractors in Houston TX to avoid roofing scams

Roofing scams are increasingly frequent these days – Per reputable roofing contractors in Houston TX, here is how to avoid them:

  • Beware of contractors who show up at your doorstep right after the storm that has hit your roof so hard – also called storm chasers, these people offer their services to property owners shocked to see the disaster caused by the storm. These services are not always of poor quality, but they are always more expensive than they should be;
  • Don’t fall for work done cheap – some scammers will try to convince you to let them in by telling you that they can update your roof for cheap, using materials that they have left from a previous job. If you make the mistake of letting them in, they will either ask you for money to go and buy some more material and vanish after they get what they want or they will go up to your roof, remove roofing components quickly, pretend that they have detected damage that they need money to repair and vanish with your money after having damaged your roof, too;
  • Very low cost estimates – not all roofers work for very high margins, but if a cost estimate seems too cheap, it probably does not use quality materials.
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