State Roofing installs SquirrelGard™.

State Roofing Company is a proud installer of the revolutionary new patent pending SquirrelGard™.  State Roofing Company, a premium Houston roofer, utilizes SquirrelGard™ when encountering squirrel damaged lead jack flashings at plumbing vents on the roof.  In lieu of replacing the damaged lead jack flashing and violating the surrounding shingles, SquirrelGard™ is installed over the damaged lead pipe flashing and eliminates any leaking and guards and protects the flashing from any further squirrel damage.  Not only does State Roofing Company install SquirrelGard™ as a repair method, but State Roofing installs SquirrelGard™ on newly installed roofing systems to protect the lead jack flashing from squirrel damage from the beginning!

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