Roofing Materials for Your Texas Home

State Roofing Company

Many roofing materials can do a great job on Texas homes, if they are high quality, properly installed and maintained regularly. Buildings in Texas get a lot of sun exposure during the year, but may also have to withstand occasional rain storms, so roofing materials must be mainly chosen according to the location and local climate. Professional State Roofing contractors can meet with you, inspect your current roof system,  and help you decide what materials best fit your home and budget.

The shape of your home`s roof also matter; if it features steep slopes and many different angles, your choice of roofing materials will likely be more limited. Additionally, you should choose materials that suit the style of your house. You can surely find something that keeps you protected and also looks very nice.

The best roofing materials for Texas weather include the traditional clay tiles, but also the modern metal and solar roofing options.

Clay tiles are beautiful, heavy, providing resistance and durability, as long as the structure of the building is strong enough to withstand such a roof and ensure its stability. Clay tiles resist in any type of weather and also contribute to better energy efficiency. They require periodic maintenance, but you can enjoy a new clay roof for a lifetime, if it is properly installed.

Metal roofing is on the rise and it may become the most common roofing choice in the future. It is another very long-lasting roofing solution that provides additional benefits: reflectivity, fire resistance, protection against water ponding and lightweight – to name only a few.

As for solar panels, they work great in sunny Texas, so they are an option any homeowner can consider to produce their own green energy.


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