Roof Maintenance Tips

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Roof maintenance is the best way to prevent roofing problems – here are some tips to ensure the strength of your roof and to prolong its lifespan through regular attention and care:

  • Inspect your roof every six months – start the process looking up at your roof from the ground, checking for missing components, sagging and discolored patches. Missing roofing elements might cause leaks, sagging indicates structural damage and discolorations are signs of algae or fungal infestations, so they need to be remedied as soon as possible. Next you should climb up to the roof to perform a more detailed inspection, paying special attention to the problem areas detected from the ground;
  • Clean the roof – another important roof maintenance task is roof cleaning. Any debris that accumulates on the roof and in the gutters absorbs water and prevents the roof surface underneath from drying properly, so it needs to be removed quickly;
  • Check and clean the gutters and the downspouts as well – proper drainage is essential for a healthy roof, so make sure that your gutters are free from clogs, rust, corrosion and that the gutter components are fastened properly as well;
  • Take care of the necessary repairs – any issue that you detect during the previous phases need to be remedied in a timely manner. You can do the fixes yourself or you can hire a professional Houston roofing company for the job.
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