I recommend State Roofing Company.

May 1, 2011

In April, I called John Giffin of State Roofing to give me an estimate on replacing my roof.  John came out two days later and looked at my roof and said, yes it needs replacing.  He told me to call my insurance co. to see if they would help me pay for replacing it.  He also said that he would come and talk to the insurance people with me.  I thought this was extremely nice of him as I was willing to pay for it myself.  The insurance co. came out and the estimator and I looked at the damage inside the home, while John and her roof man went upon my roof which is extremely steep.  When it was all done the insurance co. paid me enough to cover the roof plus some damages inside the home.  I called John, because he had done roofing on some construction projects I did in ’07-’08 and I was pleased with those.  I am very pleased with the help John gave me and the performance of his employees.  They came out when they said they would, went right to work and completed the job when they said they would.  Also they did an excellent job of cleaning up and disposing of the debris.  I will recommend State Roofing to all my friends and family who need roofs replaced in the future!


Dave C., Houston, TX 77070

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