Masonry – Water Intrusion

Homeowners beware! Your roof flashing may not be the cause of the leak!


Continued rainfall saturate your brick chimney and mortar joints. Water intrusion through the brick and mortar bypasses the industry flashing details and causes damage. Sheet rock, insulation, framing structures and contents are all at risk because there are no weep holes in brick chimneys to allow evaporation. This damage can also occur to brick walls and areas around window.

Maintenance to areas will help prevent damages from occuring. There is a clear sealant on the market specifically designed to seal masonry and applies similar to deck sealant. This product repels rain water and prevents absorption. Annual application might be necessary.

Not all insurance companies cover water damage. Call your agent and inquire. Also, make sure your policy has prepared you for hail, wind, tornadoes and hurricanes. Ask about your deductible and confirm that you have a replacement cost value policy. Don’t forget about flood insurance!

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