Lots of Hail Predicted This Year – How To Protect Your Roof

roofing companies in College Station repair hail damaged roofs

Hailstorms are becoming increasingly frequent these days, affecting even areas that have not seen any storm with ice balls until recently. While it is impossible to prevent all hail damage, there are many things that you can do to strengthen your roof to enable it to withstand hail-related stress more efficiently. According to one of the most trusted roofing companies College Station has, here are some tasks that can fortify your roof:

  • Regular roof maintenance – ideally, you should schedule roof maintenance twice a year, once in spring and once in fall, to prepare your roof for the two harshest seasons, winter and summer. The sessions should include roof inspections to detect roof faults, roof cleaning and the timely repair of the roofing issues detected during the inspection;
  • Regular maintenance for the accessories and the components adjacent to the roof – no roof can work properly if the gutters and downspouts that surround it and the vents that ensure the proper movement of air under it are in poor condition. Include these components into your maintenance checklist – they are easy to clean and to fix;
  • Inspection after each storm – when the hail is gone, go up to the roof and check whether it has left behind any faults to fix. Roofing issues can aggravate quickly, so remedying hairline cracks, dented flashing stripes and other issues in a timely manner is essential for having a healthy roof.
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