Importance of Having an Organized and Clean Job Site

Protecting Your Property:

State Roofing Company cares about their customers and arrives on day one of your project with plenty of protective materials. Before work begins, they will put everything in place so that your landscaping, siding, windows, and doors are well-protected from any possible damage.

Carefully and Quickly Dispose of Waste:

If your roofing project involves tearing off the old material, you shouldn’t have to worry about seeing a waste trailer parked in front of your property for days, or damage to your lawn or driveway. State Roofing Company will carefully place the trash hauler where it does the least harm, we will have all of the old materials disposed safely inside, and get it taken away as soon as possible.

Maintains Organization:

It is a fact that re-roofing your home is messy. At State Roofing Company we have trained out crew to put out tarps to collect nails and small bits of debris. We always keep materials well organized. Keeping everything organized not only prevents property damage, but it also reduces the possibility of accidents and injuries.

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