Hail Damaged Roof? 7 Things You Should Know

  1. Do your homework and get educated about your coverage and any potential costs.
  2. Make sure you only contact State Licensed Contractors in the state where your home is located. And they should be certified by the roofing product manufacturer. Be sure to check all contractor credibility through reputable sources.
  3. Make sure your roofing contractor is covered under workers compensation and general liability. If anyone is injured on your property, you are liable without this protection!
  4. Contact your insurance company, after your certified roofing contractor has successfully scoped your roof for damage, and let them know of any damages (hail or wind) that have incurred.
  5. Schedule a time to personally meet with your insurance adjuster. Make sure the adjuster thoroughly inspects your roof for not only suspected damage but any other damage.
  6. Provide the insurance companies report to your contractor for their review to insure that the quantities of material and the complete replacement value are correct. The contractor can help you determine if you need if you need subrogation from your insurance company.
  7. NEVER give a contractor any money up front for a roof replacement. Any reputable company can over the costs of material and labor until the job is complete.
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