Can Extreme Heat Damage My Roof?

College Station roofing

We all love summer – the days are brighter and longer, nature is colorful and the air is warm. However, summers are becoming hotter each year and the extreme heat is hard on many components of our home’s, especially on the roof. Per a leading roofer in College Station, here is how the prolonged exposure to high heat can be harmful to your roof:
● Thermal Movement – materials, the ones that your roof is made from included, react to temperature changes through (Expansion and Contraction). When (the sun hits the highest point of the day producing extreme temps, your shingle responds by expanding, then in the evening, as the temperature drops, it begins to contract.
● Other effects of sunshine – high summer heat is usually associated with harsh UV radiation as well. UV rays have a decomposing and discoloring effect on most roofing materials. Prolonged exposure to such conditions will change the color of your roof and it might also make your roof surface weaker and more porous over time.

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