A Few Reasons To Choose GAF Shingles For Your Roofing System

Roof damaged by a hail storm. State Roofing installed GAF Timberline HD Lifetime in Weathered Wood with a 10 year labor Silver Pledge Warranty.

Roof Aesthetics

GAF’s Timberline HD Shingles are intricately designed and can bring out the visual appeal of your home. They have an attractive earthy and old-world appearance, making them the ideal choice for an ultra-dimensional wood-shake look for your classic and traditional homes.

Timberline is also the shingle of choice for residential roofs because of their resale value. The sheer visual appeal it brings to your home can drive up your home’s value. GAF shingles will keep your home looking good for a longer time than other shingle systems.

A Range of Colors to Choose From

You aren’t restricted to brown and earthy tones when you choose GAF’s Timberline Shingles. The shingle system offers several other color palettes, such as Weathered Wood, Slate, Hickory and Mission Brown, just to name a few.

The Best Warranties From GAF

Choosing Timberline for your new roof system means you’re also taking advantage of GAF’s strong roofing warranties.  GAF offers a Golden Pledge Limited Warranty, as well as a Silver Pledge Limited Warranty. Its visual appeal, protection, and peace of mind are in one package.




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